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San-Ei: Your partner in progress.

For over half century, San-Ei has been actively involved in the procurement and distribution of precision-crafted industrial parts and machinery through Japan. We work with many of today's largest and most successful manufacturers on a regular basis to quickly and affordably find exactly what they need to keep their production lines up and running smoothly.

Three pictures.

Our corporate philosophy is deeply embedded in our company's name. In Japanese, the phrase "San-Ei" means three pictures. With each new assignment, we keep these three pictures clearly in focus at all times:

Simple A direct approach keeps the objective clearly in sight. Smart. Anticipate and act. Success is earned, not expected. Speed. A quick & accurate response optimizes productivity.

Uncertainty or opportunity?

Everywhere you look these days, advanced technological changes are erasing borders and creating uncertainty. At San-Ei, we can show you how this same unstoppable evolution can also open up dramatic new opportunities.

It's simple. Be smart. Contact San-Ei today for more information.


1958 Mar.Established as limited company "San-Ei Shokai"
1958 Nov.Reorganized as corporate company "San-Ei Trading"
1961Distributor contract with NTN Corporation
1962Opened head office in Hamamatsu-cho
1965Embarked upon import operation
1973Embarked upon export operation
1989Distributor contract with Softronics Co., Ltd.
2010 MayMoved sales office to Higashi Gotanda


San-Ei Trading Co., Ltd.
4-8-13 Higashi Gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0022 JAPAN
Tel: +81-3-3473-1101
Fax: +81-3-3473-1105

お気軽にお問合せください 取扱い製品についてのご質問、またはお話を聞きたいご担当者の方は 右の電話番号、お問合せフォームよりお気軽にお問合せください。 03-3473-1101 お問合せフォーム